Nisga’a Voting Districts

The list of registered Nisga’a voters is divided into eight (8) districts as follows:

District 1: New Aiyansh

District 2: Gitwinksihlkw

District 3: Laxgalts’ap

District 4: Gingolx

District 5: Prince Rupert/Port Edward

District 6: Terrace

District 7: Vancouver

District 8: Voters who reside outside of the Districts 1-7.

During a regular election event or a by-election for an office of the officers, a voting place is set up in each district.

District 8 voters will receive a mail-in ballot unless an electronic ballot is requested by October 5, 2020. If we don’t have your current address, you may not have received the voter information that’s been mailed out and you may not receive a mail-in ballot.

A reminder to voters in Districts 1 through 7, If you’re not able to vote in person for various reasons including COVID-19 concerns, you have the option to vote by mail or electronically. To vote electronically, you must meet the criteria and you must have an email address of your own.

The deadline to request an electronic ballot or a mail-in ballot is October 5, 2020

Please CONTACT our office if you’d like to update your information.